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As the winter season nears, Homeward is busy planning how to meet the increased demand for shelter and services that occurs when the temperatures drop. Read more about this work and what you can do to help!

Single Adults at the Cold Weather Shelter

Last year, through a partnership with HomeAgain, Homeward helped to implement a coordinated exit pilot to better connect with and house individuals utilizing the City of Richmond's cold weather shelter.

Highlights of this pilot include:

HomeAgain assessed over 100 clients at the shelter with the VI-SPDAT. The VI-SPDAT is the Richmond region's common assessment tool for identifying individual client's vulnerability and service recommendation scores. This tool allows our region to standardize service prioritization based on vulnerability scores, and helps us maximize limited resources by helping to identify which type of program (self-resolve, rapid re-housing, or permanent supportive housing) is most appropriate for clients based on their individual needs and resources.

  • Permanent supportive housing recommended: 13
  • Rapid rehousing recommended: 65
  • No support recommended: 24

Of these individuals, 45 were rapidly rehoused, one went into permanent supportive housing, and four self-resolved. Of the 45 that were rapidly rehoused, only five returned to shelter.

This is what we know about the number of repeat utilization of the cold weather shelter. Our goal is to continue to identify ways we can successfully house these individuals.

Cold weather shelter utilization

For a list of donated items needed for winter care kits, click here.

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